Photography sessions for me are a matter of getting to know my client and create a relaxed environment where good pictures can just happen.

The process starts from when the client contacts me and I try to get a sense of what is the need for the pictures and ask questions to find out what is the essential feeling and atmosphere that the pictures should emit. From that mutual feeling for what we are looking for I choose the location, background, lighting and equipment to suit the needs of the session.

Once in the session we ease into it by further adjusting things and getting used to the camera and the new situation. I always try to make sure to emphasize the fact that it's just fun and there is no need to take it too seriously and usually the sessions starts moving on it's own weight and we get more relaxed and some spontaneous ideas might come and usually something really fantastic comes out of it, not only the final pictures but the experience in itself. 

I welcome you to try this journey especially if you are not used to photography or you have preconceived notions about it. One session can change your perception about it and you might discover new sides of yourself.

Prices start from 500 dkk or 65 euros