Invitation to creativity

I've gotten more and more into situations where people come to me with their own fun ideas for photo shoots and it has lead to some of the most fun and inspiring editing.

The benefit of doing photography for others has definitely it's benefits. I get invited and challenged into playful creations that would not have happened if I was not offering myself out there and was just shooting landscapes and traveling around. Those forms of photography are very dear to my heart and I love the nature in it's glory but the greatest expansion in me as a creator has happen via the medium taking pictures of people.

It's especially fun if someone comes in with a specific idea, or even just a strong feeling of what they want to show of themselves, what aspects of themselves they want to play with. It's a great chance to be part of that and to see the look on the persons face when they are genuinely excited and even surprised how well it turned out in the end and I'm always at awe at how easy it was, how flowing and graceful it can be when you just get in the flow.

I thank everyone who comes to me with something to offer like that and I invite the co-creation and participation. 

Here are some of the fun photos coming from that space: