Saku Suutari



I'm a Fine Art / Portrait Photographer from Finland, currently based near Horsens, Denmark.


My journey to photography started by accident when I picked up a cheap camera and suddenly found myself going out driving in the middle of the night just for the joy of taking photos.

Later on I got approached by friends and acquaintances to take photos of them and found this beautiful way of co-creating and capturing something essential about each individual. There is something miraculous that happens in the sessions that's beyond the photographer or the subject and I feel like my job is just to facilitate that and be ready when that magic happens.

I love the process of photography from the beginning to the end, the potential in the landscape or the session and then the bringing the vision to reality in the editing. It's like double creativity. 

I love to travel and get invited to new wonderful places, it's a great exploration to capture what I see in this world and to offer my perspective.

My gear:

  • Sony Alpha 7

  • Canon 70-200mm, f 2.8

  • Canon 50mm, f 1.8

  • Samyang 14mm, f 2.8

  • Samyang 85mm, f 1.4

  • Yongnuo YN560-III wireless speedlites

I provide photography from portraits and events, to licensing and artwork on your walls. I can help to fill your business websitesocial media or printed material with awesome photography enabling you to build your brand.